Timely All-In-One Event Calendar

I recently contacted Timely (creators of the All-In-One Event Calendar) about its event calendar plugin for WordPress. I had been comparing its features (and add-on plugins) with Modern Tribe’s The Events Calendar and NetWebLogic’s Events Manager as the online calendar for a school district website. I also identified a non-Wordpress option, but my preference was to find something that would integrate within the existing WordPress environment. All three companies offered free and pro (paid) versions; however, Modern Tribe and NetWebLogic offered their pro version for free to non-profit/school organizations. This was one of the reasons I contacted Timely. The next day I received an email response from Bradley Roulston, VP Sales at Timely, and he stated that they did not have a non-profit offering at this time. That said, he worked with me on the pro version, so we should be in good shape to use the AIO Event Calendar for the 2014-15 school year.

We had some fairly unique requirements that Timely was seemingly able to address for us: 1) subscribe to calendar option with mobile devices (not just a snapshot or one-time download) – we needed any changes to be reflected within the calendar(s), 2) accept RSS feed from external calendar – we had two buildings who utilized a third-party site to create its printed handbook/events, and this would prevent them from having to maintain multiple calendars, 3) accept csv file as an import (we could easily have office professionals update a spreadsheet for us to populate events fairly easily/quickly via import), and 4) maintain a parent-children or push-pull relational model with our district and building sites (be able to create an event at the building level and mirror/sync with district site at an aggregate level).

From our initial testing, it appears that Timely’s All-In-One Event Calendar solution is the best WordPress plugin option for the district’s needs.