TECK Institute Update

I have added a section to our District Web site that includes details about the Summer TECK Institute (cms.wws.k12.in.us/technology/teck-institute/). I ended up using the About section as the page that displays when you select the TECK Institute. Additionally, I created sections titled Structure, Learning Artifacts (teacher examples), Technology Learning Facilitators (what this summer group will transition into during the school year), and Literature Review (a few paragraphs from the full version posted on this blog).

I also have an assessment and reflection piece that I completed as the final component of this entire experience. I will likely incorporate some parts of it for the Web display, but I chose to “hide” that page for the time being. I wanted to share one bit from it though:

In terms of overall effectiveness and quality of the program, it is worth noting that 100% of the participants strongly agreed that their time was well spent and they plan to use or practice what they learned. This was reported by the participants on ALL THREE SURVEYS.

For me, that is what made the professional development program and my EDTEC 690 Independent Project worthwhile.