Video Montage – Never Forget You


I changed my montage project today and abandoned a project I had been working on earlier in the week. While I was pleased with the outcome, I was having trouble finding the right song to fit the story I was trying to tell. Late last night, I discovered a box filled with some recordings from my college days. Finding this box took me down a completely different path for my montage (although I didn’t necessarily know it at that time).

For my project, I was able to choose a song in which I didn’t have to worry about copyright issues. In college, I became friends with a talented musician who would play the piano after our meals during our freshman year. With a crowd of mostly friends, we amused ourselves with various songs, even creating parodies about the lunch ladies or whatever came to mind. While my music background included middle and high school choir, I never played an instrument (I am an accomplished kazoo player though). Toward the end of our freshman year, the two of us collaborated on some songs I had written. I knew what they sounded like in my head and he masterfully added additional elements (like an oboe). The song “Never Forget You” was the second song we recorded together and was inspired by my decision to leave all my high school friends behind, essentially starting over at college without knowing anyone else. It also foreshadowed losses in my life – the death of my grandfather just three years later and, most recently, the tragic passing of a friend in a motorcycle accident just two months before he was to be married (and the inspiration for this tribute montage). The loss of loved ones has impacted my life significantly and is reflected in this song.

I’m a bit of a private person when it comes to my personal life, but the images and soundtrack that comprise this montage tell a heart-felt story. I used GarageBand to clean up the sound from a thirteen-year-old recording and iMovie to produce everything else. The song’s lyrics follow:

Lord knows how hard I try to erase the past and move on to tomorrow
But then I think of you and the pain just turns to sorrow
And oh how I try to ease the hurt and do just what you said
But no matter what I do I can’t get you out of my head

I’ll never forget you
No matter how far apart we are
I’ll never forget you
Be a thousand miles away
And never forget you
It’s gonna take a hundreds years at least
The oceans running dry
A miracle in short
Before I ever…I will never forget you

Remember how we always thought that our friendship would last into forever
But what we didn’t know it’s so hard to stay together
And oh how we thought that we’d never go our separate way
But then you had to go and this feeling reminds me everyday


There’s no need to be afraid
Just go your way and I’ll go mine
You never have to be alone
I’ll be right by your side

Chorus to end