Support for Moodle

Moodle LogoJeff Harrison (from neighboring HSE school district) was in my EdTec 685 class this summer and I wanted to link to his blog entry related to Course Management. Jeff writes about the advantages and progression toward course/learning management systems. Blackboard, which we utilize at Ball State, is proprietary and costly; however, an open source solution exists – Moodle. While Jeff didn’t review Moodle specifically, he did summarize the benefits of exploring a course management solution – particularly to expand the boundaries of the traditional learning environment.

Moodle is available at Westfield Washington Schools – use your network login and email me so I can assist you with creating and setting up your class. I have a link to Moodle 101 for you to begin exploring resources and links (you don’t have to login in to view this – select “Login as a guest” from the login screen).