First Entry, First Assignment

This is a test to see if I’ve configured Blogger so it posts what I type. I also edited some lines within the Settings so I could include resource links that might be useful. All that aside, I wanted to post an assignment so you can have a good first entry after you have successfully setup your own blog!

Blog Entry #1A

What is your opinion of reality tv shows? Justify your position. Do you watch reality tv shows? Explain why. This may be particularly interesting for those who think they’re ridiculous, but watch them anyway. You may use a specific reality show as an example (if you’d like).

You must:
– create an entry that is at least 150 words
– create a concrete argument [i.e. you must have a claim(s) and support that claim(s).]

Blog Entry #1B

Write a blog that addresses any current event/issue. Your entry can address a local event/issue, a national issue/event, or an international event/issue. You could, for example, write a blog entry about the current Super Bowl champs, or you could write a blog entry about the recent approval of online charter schools.

You will have to:
– create a argument (i.e. make a claim and support it)
– cite any sources that you use (I encourage you to use other sources)
– write a blog that is at least 150 words. Be interesting…write about something that interests you – it’ll be more interesting to read.

Okay, you don’t have to write all 150 words now. This just gives you an idea of how you might utilize this type of teaching tool within your class. You could also have students create blogs and publish their assignments online. This would give them an opportunity to write for an audience as well as provide/receive comments on peer work. We can configure Blogger to only allow your and the students’ blogs to be seen by each other (and not the outside world). We could also configure it to post to folders on our servers – I’ll just need the server to cooperate. I have a blog that publishes dirctly to my server. You can view it here.