More Women Set To Wet Themselves

It’s Wednesday and time to see what else is happening in the Not Necessarily The News Headlines:

Henrico to decide whether to ditch Apple iBooks for Dell laptops in middle schools
RICHMOND, Vir. (AP) — “This spring, Texas-based Dell Inc. beat out Apple Computer Inc. to supply laptops to Henrico County high school students and teachers. And if Dell has its way, Henrico won’t dish out Apples to middle school students and teachers next year,” Olympia Meola reports for The Richmond Times-Dispatch. “Until this fall, Henrico high school students toted Apple iBooks. Middle school students still use Apples. In June, that contract is up for grabs.”Meola reports, “When making a pitch for the $17.9 million, four-year high school contract, Dell offered to provide at least 14,000 middle school machines for $20 less per unit than the high school laptops. The school system has until Nov. 1 to sign on. The Henrico school system purchased 15,800 Dell laptops at $1,131 apiece for the high school program, compared with Apple’s offer of $1,386 per unit. Joseph P. Rapisarda Jr., county attorney, said the School Board can accept Dell’s middle school offer without seeking other proposals. But if the county issued a request for proposals for the middle school contract, Apple could bid again. A lease for the majority of the iBooks expires in June.””School technology officials are still waiting to see how the Dells perform now that a vast majority of high school students are using them. So far, only a few issues have been reported,” Meola reports. “Meanwhile, little has been said about the iBooks, which have been in use in the middle schools for the past three years.” Full article here.

For some reason, we’re not hopeful that Apple Macs will be chosen for Henrico’s middle school students and teachers next year. Expect more Henrico County women to wet themselves standing in line for $50 Apple iBooks in the future (related blog entry here).

Arkansas mother gives birth to 16th child
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Michelle Duggar just delivered her 16th child, and she and her husband are already thinking about doing it again. Duggar had her first child at age 21, four years after the couple married. Their children include two sets of twins, and each child has a name beginning with the letter “J”: Joshua, 17; John David, 15; Janna, 15; Jill, 14; Jessa, 12; Jinger, 11; Joseph, 10; Josiah, 9; Joy-Anna, 8; Jeremiah, 6; Jedidiah, 6; Jason, 5; James, 4; Justin, 2; and Jackson Levi, 1.

This blog post is brought to you by the letter “J” in honor of the Duggar family litter.

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    Although, if I were Michelle Duggar’s husband, I might wonder if they were all mine. Just sayin’.

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