Gibberish calls haven’t interferred with my television viewing

Okay, so now I’m seeing how difficult it is to keep this blog thing updated. Since I haven’t posted anything this month, I’ll provide an abridged version of what you might have missed:

Prison Break: Lincoln’s ex-girlfriend ditched her fiance and appointed herself his legal counsel. Michael continued his get-out-of-jail scheme. I’ll take my odds on rolling doubles versus unscrewing toilet bolts with a bleacher screw anytime. Snaps for my Monopoly analogy.

Rockstar INXS: Suzie and Ty out. Ty blamed a racist country on his demise. Suzie, to her credit, didn’t pull the sex card. Although, she later cried like a little girl.

RU The Girl?: T-Boz and Chilli sent Meah and Alju home this month, but kept soulful 30-year-old Mirrah and lispy 20-year-old O’so Krispie.

Okay, that enough on the television recaps. If you really need to know what you missed that badly, you should consider a TiVo purchase or calming your social life. In other news…

Police: Woman takes dog, leaves child
BLOOMFIELD, Conn. (AP) — A woman is accused of leaving her 15-month-old grandson unattended in her home while taking her dog on an errand. Loretta McGill-White, 48, was charged Tuesday with risk of injury to a minor….And I thought dogs were man’s best friend. Maybe hollywood will pick up this gut-wrenching tale (Home Alone 4 – Not Again). I’m pretty sure this 15-month-old didn’t call in a pizza and save his home from two would-be burglars though.

Neb. residents plagued by gibberish calls
KEARNEY, Neb. (AP) — Residents just don’t understand the gibberish. Paul Perkins eyed the strange number on his phone when he received a call early Saturday morning. He let voicemail take it. The caller filled the message with three minutes of gibberish…. Damn FOP.

Guard accused of urinating on computer
OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — A state prison guard who was arrested after a drunken brawl at a nightclub may also be charged with urinating on a municipal jail computer, police said….At least he didn’t wet himself over an iBook (see previous post).

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    Did you watch the R U The Girl finale?!!! What did you think? I posted a little bit about it on my blog.

    And FYI, you can get people to stop spamming your comments by going to the “Settings” tab. Under “Comments” you should seen an option to turn on Word Verification…then people commenting have to enter a code, like on Ticketmaster.

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    Did you know that if you include your area code, your cell phone number becomes 317-ox-tate-0? What’s more catchy than that? (singing to Safe Auto Theme) “3-1-7 OXTATE 0, pick up the phone the call isn’t free…” I’ll have to work on that one a little more…

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