DISH, IN 46???
Did you happen to see DISH Network’s latest gimmick? In short, Charles W. Ergen, chairman and CEO of Echostar Communications, is offering free satellite service to any town willing to rename itself “Dish.” EchoStar said it will give a decade of free service for every household in “Anytown, U.S.A.” that legally makes the change. Full story.

My Take – Does this mean the DISH Colts will finally get their new stadium? Don’t laugh: In the 1950s, Hot Springs, N.M., legally changed its municipal moniker to Truth or Consequences, in homage to the popular game show (doubters, check this out). More recently, in 2000, the small town of Halfway, Oregon, agreed to change its name to in exchange for $60,000 and 20 computers from the online retail company, which is now a subsidiary of eBay.

Playboy online
Playboy magazine, losing money in the face of depressed advertising, will go digital later this year in hopes of winning new subscribers and advertisers. The first digital magazine will mirror its printed counterpart and feature the Girls of the Pac 10 and an interview with comedian George Carlin. Starting September 13, it can be downloaded from

My Take – I can only imagine George Carlin’s take on this. He, like many adolescent boys, will at least have an easier time turning the pages.

DeNiro’s maid cleans house
A housekeeper charged with looting the homes of Manhattan’s rich and famous claimed she targeted Robert De Niro’s wife because she was a bad employer, according to court documents made public Tuesday. “If she treated me better, with more respect, I probably wouldn’t have done this,” Lucyna Turyk-Wawrynowicz allegedly told police following her arrest. Full story.

My Take – This is nothing new as housekeepers for decades have been lifting more than just their fingers while on the job. You can’t tell me Alice didn’t do it to the Bradys. And what about Rosario with Karen Walker? Rosie to the Jetsons? Damn robot maids.

Fox sued by bad realty tv writers
A group of writers has sued the Fox television network and the producer of reality programs such as “Trading Spouses,” “Joe Millionaire,” and “Renovate My Family” claiming they violated labor laws by forcing the writers to submit fake time cards, skip meals, and work in “sweatshop conditions.” Co-plaintiff Victoria Dew said her writing team spent long hours crammed into a small loft with heat-generating computers running constantly, skylights without shade from the sun and no air conditioning. The suit seeks unpaid wages, overtime premiums, interest and punitive damages. Fox was named as a defendant because it oversaw the shows and aired them on its network. Full story.

My Take – I think I might have to file a lawsuit on behalf of all viewers for making us endure such shows as “Trading Spouses,” “Joe Millionaire,” and “Renovate My Family.”

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    Any word on Fishers changing its name to DISH? I’ll get the bandwagon going:

    I want cable channels for the next decade and hereby certify my authorization for change of address to DISH, IN 46038:


    1. I Want My [FREE] MTV
    2. Your Name Here

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    I disagree about it being easier for adolescent boys to turn the pages. Since I’m right handed, I would need a left-handed mouse…

    Jack Offerman

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