Grabbing controversy by the balls

Have you seen or heard about the new series “Starved”on FX? It’s about four friends, a recovering overeater; an active overeater; a bulimic; and a recovering anorexic/bulimic, that form what Ray Richmond of the Hollywood Reporter calls a sort of Seinfeld collective- “if Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine…all had eating disorders.” According to the reviews, which on the whole were mixed, there is ample downing, and upchucking, of everything from chow mein to cake. Variety has even dubbed it “Puking and the City.” Then there is Lynn Grefe, CEO of the Seattle-based National Eating Disorders Association, who calls it “appalling.”

My TakeI’ve watched the show (Thurs. 10/9 pm) and have been surprised. The closest comparison I draw is that to NBC’s Will & Grace and I believe the GLBT community supports that series. Since when did a FX comedy become a Lifetime movie anyway? Bravo to FX for grabbing controversy by the balls. Perhaps the naysayers should actually watch the show first before taking their torches and pitchforks to FX headquarters.

After further review
The results are in. The Princeton Review has once again released its take on the top colleges and universities nationwide (related article here). I’ve taken the liberty of querying the facts for DePauw below. You’ll be glad to know:

Rank List (Category)
#4 Best College Radio Station (Extracurriculars)
#1 Major Frat And Sorority Scene (Parties)
#15 More To Do On Campus (Social)
#18 Town-Gown Relations Are Strained (Social)

My TakeAh yes, there was nothing quite like sitting around at the Delta Chi Fraternity house listening to WGRE and popular talk host Rick Jones as he discussed the strained relations between Dannies and Townies. As I fast forward six years, there’s still nothing like….wait, yeah there is.

Judge signs divorce papers, Ducks gone wild
It’s official. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pritt will have their day in court to end their four-year marriage on October 5, 2005. As you know, Aniston filed for divorce earlier this year after Pitt became “romantically linked” to Angelina Jolie during the pair’s taping of the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” In other news, Robin Leach from the television series “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” will be in Las Vegas on the same day to host the 2005 Women Divers Hall of Fame Duck Derby.

My TakeThe following week is Fire Prevention Week (Oct. 9-15). Does Reggie Miller’s affair with the Watson’s girl ring a bell for anyone? Not only did he lose his $2M house on Geist in a reported “arson” attempt, but he also had to work out a charitable bowling event (Reggie Bowl) with proceeds sponsoring arson victims to keep the real truth buried. That being said, October could be an interesting month for Brad Pitt. Stay tuned…

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