Honk If You Are Reading This Blog

Good thing you aren’t driving! That might be a problem.

Now then…For more than two years, I’ve toyed with the idea of posting thoughts, news, updates, etc. on my site in the form of a blog. Of course, you can never have too many blogs to read, right? Such writings usually have one common characteristic – Nobody reads them.

On the other hand, my thoughts will be quite different. I have a terrifically loyal following. My mom says she will read my blog…every once in a while. And I know my wife will read every single entry. That might not count all that heavily, though, because she’s a good proofreader and will undoubtedly read every single thing in every single posting.

So, except for Mom and Pookie, I may as well be sending instructions for building MX missles for all the attention this blog thing will attract. I have carefully considered the actual content iteself and the merit of what I have to say. And I have the backing of my own Mom; she assures me they all will be charming – the ones she reads, anyway.

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