A Real Photoshop Wiz

Westfield Washington Schools produces its share of talented students each year. I have been following one of our “products” for a couple of years in large part because I have been so impressed with his ability to capture stories through the lens of his camera and through his digital works using Photoshop.

Photo Credit and Creative Commons Attribution: Casey Atchley
Photo Credit and Creative Commons Attribution: Casey Atchley

People from around the globe have viewed Casey Atchley’s work, and I thought I would tie in my Photoshop examples with someone who is even light years ahead of me (and he is still in college). Digital native indeed.

Casey Atchley’s Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/people/caseya/

Feel free to look through some of his work. The following are some other great examples of what can be done using digital photography and Photoshop to create new meaning:

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t

I have been working on building images for our content management system. As such, I wanted unobstructed views of the front entrances. In order to do so, I needed to remove elements from the pictures (mainly flag and light poles). I also had to recreate lost portions where items were removed. As an example, the middle school had three poles that I wanted to remove. I wanted to maintain the shadowing, windows, and even the snow on the ground. Lastly, I gave the photo a color boost. The before and after follow:

WMS Original
WMS Original (click to enlarge)
WMS Photoshop Magic
WMS Photoshop Magic (click to enlarge)
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Fun with Photoshop

Although I’m far from being an expert with Photoshop, I’ve become pretty adept with repurposing photos. I thought I’d share such repurposing work I did to honor a former colleague.

Original photo used
Original photo used (click to enlarge)
Rick had a mustache at an early age
Rick had a mustache at an early age (click to enlarge)
Angus T. Jones or Rick Phllips
Angus T. Jones or Rick Phllips (click to enlarge)

This next one had to be one of my favorites from his childhood:

He was a cute baby
He was a cute baby (click to enlarge)
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