WordPress General Settings

After setting up a new WordPress site (no plugins/themes installed or any other modifications; just WordPress “out-of-the-box”), I recently ran into an issue where I could not update/save any changes made in the General tab (under Settings). No matter what I tried, I would receive a “Forbidden You don’t have permission to access” message; however, I did not encounter issues updating/saving any of the other areas (e.g., Reading, Writing, Discussions, etc.). In looking at a few forum posts, several people suggested that you should check to ensure folder permissions (specifically wp-admin) are set to 755 and file permissions (specifically options.php and options-general.php in my case) to 644 – check and check. NOTE: If you have a similar issue with the permalink tab, for example, you might check options-permalink.php instead.

The next troubleshooting tip actually worked. A member suggested an issue with mod_security and to update the .htaccess file. Sure enough, I added the following (below mod_rewrite in my .htaccess file) and was immediately able to save changes to Settings -> General:

<IfModule mod_security.c>
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off
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How to Upload a File to Your Blog

Click on the * icon located above the content area where you type. Then click on the “Select Files” button. Browse to the file you want to upload. Click open. Change the Title (if you want) and click on File URL (middle button between None and Post URL). The “Link URL” should now appear. Click “Insert into Post” and you will have the file linked within your post. Save or Publish.

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Web Design Shortcuts

It’s been a while since I made a post, so I thought I would do so since I have a few more interested in site creation. If you haven’t noticed, I added additional resources to the right (mainly the web design links and other resources sections). There are several one-page guides that I’ve provided for reference as you do more with your sites. I also posted a how-to (see Related Links) for adding a slideshow to your site using Slide.com. I originally had one that featured a Flickr/Flash slideshow, but I think the Slide.com may be a little easier to use. Feel free to experiment with both though and let me know what you think.

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